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Ever wondered what Ocean Plastic Fabric is like? We decided to help address plastic pollution by crafting ocean plastic into fabric.We intertwine them with post-consumer organic cotton, to from remarkably soft hoodies.

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Here's what they say about us

Anne Nydle
Anne Nydle
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I feel proud to support brands the builds nature awareness! The hoodies are bonus part of it.
Sasibai Kimis
Sasibai Kimis
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One of the most frequent questions I get from young people is, “why did you leave your corporate career to found Earth Heir?”I’ll be doing a live session to answer questions (about my life, my journey, about @earthheir) from 15 youths around the world, as part of the Shout Project.
Regina Salphane
Regina Salphane
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Honestly had my doubts, but the fleece is soft and the packaging – premium!
Nailus Surur
Nailus Surur
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The best clothing with sustainable material.
Mujtaba Zulfikri Al-Qowy Yusring
Mujtaba Zulfikri Al-Qowy Yusring
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Eco-Friendly clothing, what is more astonishing than this?
José Pablo Quiñones
José Pablo Quiñones
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Happy to be collaborating with the World Youth Initiative @shoutml to achieve the Guinness World Record @gwr_en for the most largest number of positive video messages and hope in the world against Covid-19. #shoutforcovid19 #theshoutproject

Special Collaboration with Mission Resistance - Yucatan, Mexico!


All hoodies sold goes towards supporting our mission and projects!
Recently, The Shout Team has been selected to participate in The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Summit.
Proceeds are used for opportunities like these, as well as converting ocean plastic to clothing and giving back to the society.


60% Recycled pre-consumer cotton organically grown
40% Recycled post-consumer polyester
25 plastic bottles saved from each hoodie made


Supports global recycling efforts
Supports organic blended clothing towards sustainable fashion
Funds global projects uniting 180 countries
Each hoodie cleans 25 bottles of plastic
Funds the research and development of Shout's Electric Plane
Community Impact through Shout's Shout and Grow campaign
Allows leaders to attend the Nobel Peace Prize Summit to share more about sustainable work


Comfy, and a fall classic. The Signature Sweatshirt features a subtle label on the hem. Instead of a conventional logo, we see it as a mark of quality that guarantees the exclusive use of the finest raw materials, responsible production and skilled craftsmanship.


Supports electric plane, Nobel Peace Summit as well as creating positive impact to the society


Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic to support ocean cleanup initiatives. Uses state of the art plastic conversion technology and blends with organic cotton.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost and when will I receive it?

We offer free global shipping on all purchases, no minimums required. Due to Covid, we are practicing strict safety measures. Shipping times are within 2 weeks of purchase.

Why should I support this initiative?

Our hoodie brands are not meant to simply be a hoodie, but rather serve as the tools for impactful projects. Proceeds are used to fund more impact related activities, for instance attempting the Guinness World Records for Positivity, The Shout Shows, as well as our recent venture in building an electric plane.


We offer a full money back guarantee within 2 weeks of purchase received if you are not satisfied with the quality. Shipping back to us is your responsibility (subject to change, depending on damage). To request a return, kindly send an email below.

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